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Get the Expert Guidance To Setup 4630 Printer

Nowadays, printer machines have become the very basic need of people today. Whether they need office work or in their home, HP has designed its advance and modern printers to fulfill everyone’s needs. HP OfficeJet 4630 printer is the all-in-one printer that helps you in achieving all the tasks that you can only do with an advanced printer. Using it you can scan your documents, fax files, get HD prints, make copies of any image or document, and use to get ePrint. However, to do all these things first you need to set up your printer through 4630 website.

For setting up the printer and to get amazing HD prints, you need to install drivers. And these drivers and software you will get on 4630. Here on this page, you will get to know about- how to set up an HP OfficeJet 4630 printer.

So let us start the expert guidance.

Setup Your HP Officejet

Unpack your HP OfficeJet 4630 printer

Take out your printer from out the box after cutting all the tapes on the box. Now place it on the table and remove all the packaging material and remove tapes from the cartridge door, scanner glass and wherever you see. Now connect the power cord of the printer with an electric socket. After doing this now move forward by following the below steps:

  1. When you switch on the printer for the first time, it may make an annoying sound.
  2. On the home screen select Control Panel.
  3. Now set language, country, region, time and date.
  4. Press OK to save the changes.
  5. Take out the ink cartridge as well from the box.
  6. Open the cartridge door and install all the ink cartridges one-by-one.
  7. You can take printer manual help if get confuse.
  1. Close the cartridge door and put papers in the input tray.
  2. Once the cartridge installation process is completed you will get a message on the printer Control Panel.
  3. Align the papers as well.
  4. Now setup the scanner of your HP OfficeJet 4630 printer.
  5. Open the scanner glass lid and place a paper under it.
  6. Align the paper and then press the OK button.

The basic setup steps are done, now you can connect your printer with a high-speed internet network.

Learn HP 4630 Printer Wireless Setup- 4630

You can set up the wireless connection between your printer and network using the Wireless Setup Wizard feature. Follow the below steps for wireless setup:

  1. Open your printer
  2. On the printer Control Panel press Wireless icon
  3. Now click the button next to print settings
  4. Click OK by scrolling Wireless Setup Wizard
  5. Now the Wizard will look for the available network
  1. So place your printer in the arrange of the network
  2. See if the name of your network is available
  3. If not, then you have to manually enter the name
  4. Now type the WPA key and press OK
  5. Your will attempt to connect with the network

Check on the printer home screen to confirm the connection between the printer and wireless internet network.

Change from USB Connection to Wireless Network Connection

Below we have mentioned steps according to the different Windows version. So choose your OS version and then perform the steps accordingly.

  1. Windows 8: Click Start >> app bar >> All Apps >> Folder with the printer name.
  2. Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows 10: Click Start >> All Program >>HP >> Printer folder >> Printer name.
  3. Now open the Printer Setup & Software page.
  4. Choose “Convert a USB connected printer to wireless”.

The above steps will change your settings or default settings of the printer and will allow it to connect wirelessly. Although the USB connection is good and creates fewer issues, the wireless connection is more useful for advanced printers. As it allows users to use printer’s each feature. Other than getting prints from the computer you can easily print from your mobile phone, tables and other wireless enabled devices.

Different Wifi and HP Printer Setup Method

As above you have seen the steps for connecting the printer with the network wirelessly, and what are the benefits of it. However, there is more than one way to connect the printer with the network. Below we have given such methods to use to connect your printer with the wifi router.

Push Method:

  1. Press and hold the Wireless button of the printer
  2. Hold it for a few seconds to active the WPS button
  3. Now wireless light starts blinking
  4. Press the WPS button on the router
  5. The printer will take a couple of minutes to connect with the network

This is the easiest way to connect your printer with the network and the method only takes a few minutes.

PIN Method:

  1. On the printer control panel press Wireless button
  2. If you see that your printer is in an error or performing any task then let it complete first
  3. Now press the Wireless button
  4. Choose Settings, tap on Wi-Fi protected Setup
  5. Now select the PIN method from the option
  6. Next, you need to follow on-screen instructions

After completing these steps, your printer will securely get connected with the network.

Connect the HP OfficeJet 4630 Printer with Windows

  1. Click on the Start on your desktop
  2. Now enter Printers & Scanners in the search menu
  3. In the new window select Add Printer
  4. Now select Add a network wireless or Bluetooth printer
  1. Choose ‘Use an existing port’ and click Next
  2. In case if you have selected USB connection, then click on Add a local printer
  3. From the list, choose the printer name and click Next
  4. Now a dialogue box will appear in front of you asking to install the printer driver

Printer drivers are the software that gives printer command to print. Without this, your printer won’t be able to print. So, read further to know about the steps to install printer drivers.

Connect the HP OfficeJet 4630 Printer with Mac

  1. Click on the Setup and choose the Wireless menu
  2. From the list of options, select Wireless Setup Wizard
  3. On your screen, the options of the wireless network will appear
  4. Select the network with which you want to connect
  5. Now enter the WEP key of the network
  1. Now your printer is connected with the wireless network
  2. Ensure your Mac device is also connected with the same network
  3. Now choose USB cable option to connect your Mac computer with HP printer
  4. Before giving your HP OfficeJet 4630 printer command, download the drivers

With the above steps, you can easily connect your printer with the Mac computer. Now it turns to download and install the HP OfficeJet 4630 driver. In the section below we have mentioned step by step guidance, have a glance over it.

How to download the HP OfficeJet 4630 Driver?

To download the HP OfficeJet 4630 driver you have to go website. Follow the below guide to easily download and install the drivers.

  1. Go to 4630
  2. You will land directly on the setup page
  3. Now enter your printer name and model
  4. Next, you need to select the right drivers and software for your printer
  5. Click on the Download button
  1. Once it gets downloaded, now open the downloads file
  2. Locate the driver file and open to Run
  3. Now click on Install
  4. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the installation process

In this way, you can download and install the driver on your computer. After connecting the printer with your computer and getting the drivers now your printer ready to print the document or images that you choose.

The above section will teach you how to get the prints using the computer from your 4630 printer. But have you ever thought about getting the prints from your Smartphone? Yes, you can print using your phone very easily. In the next section below you will learn how to get prints using mobile phones. Printer Setup For Mobile Printing

As you know that you cannot carry your computer or laptop everywhere you go. Therefore, what about the situation when you are out of the house or office and need to print something urgent?

Well, in such cases your mobile comes into rescue. Follow the below steps to activate the mobile printing option on your phone.

However, to get the print from the phone, remember your printer should be turned on, and connected to the internet network.

Apple iPhone:

  1. Download the AirPrint app from Apple Store
  2. Now open the document or image that you want to print
  3. Tap on the share icon and select the Print option
  4. Choose the printer
  5. Make the changes if required
  6. Now select the Print option to start the printing job

By following the above steps you can print whatever you want to using the iPhone or iPod.


  1. Download the HP Print Service Plugin from Google Play Store
  2. Ensure that your printer and Android device connected to with the same network
  3. Now open the document or image that you wish to print
  4. Tap on the Menu bar at the top right corner
  5. Now choose the printer
  6. Confirm the print settings before you allow your device to print
  7. Tap on the Print option and start printing

Through this, you can print as much as copies you want to print, but always remember to put the pack of paper in the input tray of your printer.

Google Chrome

  1. To print from Google Could print apps or browser press Ctrl + P
  2. It opens the dialogue box
  3. Click on Change
  4. From the list choose your printer
  5. Make the changes if needed and tap on Print
  6. In just a few seconds you will get the print of your browser or link


  1. To print from Windows phone click Devices (displayed on the right side of the screen)
  2. Make sure that your printer is connected well with the wireless network
  3. Now select the printer and select the document you wish to print
  4. Make any changes if needed
  5. Then tap on the Print option and get the print


  1. First, ensure that MobiSystems Office Suite is installed
  2. Now select the document which you wish to print
  3. Change the settings of the print if required
  4. Next, confirm the print and choose Print option to start printing

These above steps will guide you about how to connect your printer with the devices and how to get print using those devices.

While using the printer you may face some problems that occasionally generate because of the errors. And these errors can disturb your printing work. HP printers have advanced features but they are machines as well, and machines can fail to perform. Therefore, to troubleshoot the issues in your printers you need to perform a few troubleshooting steps.

Fix Your 123.Hp.Com/Oj4630 Printer Errors:

Whether you have the technical knowledge or not, but by following these steps you can solve printer errors at home.

  1. Whenever you have the issue, first check your Network Connection.
  2. Ensure if your router is working or having high-speed internet.
  3. Next, make sure that you have downloaded the right drivers.
  4. Delete all the previous printing jobs, sometimes multiple commands jam the printer.
  5. Due to virus or malware attack, computer windows get corrupt.
  6. Ensure that the input tray has papers and your ink cartridges are not low in ink.
  7. Make sure that printer is set as default.

After checking all these things if the error is still there and you are unable to solve it, you can contact the experts for help. HP printer techniques are trained in their work and have years of knowledge. Therefore, whenever your printer falls in any trouble you can immediately call them.

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