Whenever you attempt to connect your HP printer to a Windows PC initially or after the installation process, the HP printer has to start again to get the printing process in progress. In the case of the hardware peripheral devices, HP printers require installing proper drivers first. In some cases, drivers might install automatically. But in other cases, you have to download and install them manually. The correct printer driver is now available at 123.hp.com. In both of the cases, the installation process of an HP printer is not the easiest that might contain several errors. To keep this in cognizance, we have provided some ways to fix fatal error while you install HP printer drivers.


Temporarily disable or remove HP Smart install

HP Smart is software that comes with all HP printers. When this software is not proficient enough to support your HP machine, then it might create quite a few glitches while installing drivers. Therefore, if you see a fatal error while installing an HP printer driver, then just uninstall the HP smart install will surely fix the glitch.

Make use of Windows Troubleshooter

Windows 10 has an in-built troubleshooter that assists users to solve any existing glitches by themselves. It is capable to discover and eliminate numerous problems in your computer system. Run the Windows troubleshooter to resolve issues on your PC as well as the printer.

Try disconnecting and Reconnecting the HP Printer

In some cases, by simply disconnecting and reconnecting your HP printer will fix the glitch. For this, first of all, you have to turn off the printer and disconnect it from the computer. Then wait for a few moments and reconnect the printer. This time use a different USB port as it is also promising that USB ports causing the error.

Remove the printer from the control panel

Another possible solution to tackle down this error is to remove the printer from the control panel of your computer. You will also have to delete the printer’s drivers which are installed on your system.

Stop running print spooler service

One more way to terminate the fatal error that occurs at the time of installing the HP printer is, to stop the use of print spooler service from the services window. When you stop the print spooler service, then you also have to delete the files in the spool folder too.

Printers are inevitable parts of any office environment. Without them, quite a few works would left displease. If your HP Printer is displaying fatal errors while installing the drivers, then you should follow the aforementioned steps carefully or you can simply visit 123.HP.Com/setup. Use these measures well and get your HP printer running smoothly.


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